luni, 4 octombrie 2010

I do have a heart!!!!!

I know this title sounds like a sick child's story,but due to recent events i  realized that afterall i do have a heart and I can feel pain
  This feeling of emptyness and regret makes me feel more human then i've felt in years,
 After a long and boring relationship with no regrets and no pain after breaking up...a girl with shiny eyes came along and broke my heart,it only took her 2 days and a quite stupid reason to break up with me.....
   How this works is funny,god has a veny sick sense of humor?or i had to payback for the other relation in wich i left a girl with a broken heart?anyways,i choose to write this down......actually i don't know why,clearly something is very wrong with me today

joi, 10 decembrie 2009

Chew alert!!:))

While reading my daily feeds,very bored couse most of them were political crap,I found a very interesting and sadistic funny one,hear this out!
A 25 years old ucrainean moron,student at an Chemistry College blew up is head while chewing a gum.The parents heard a big boom in his room and when they went to see what happened,they saw his pride of a son(I repeat he has a chemistry student...)with his face desintegrated,and guess what....he died(who whould have expected that..:)))
Now you ask,how can a chewing gum do that? dosen't,the moron use to dip his gum in citric acid...weird....and he had next to the acid an explosive detonation solution,or something like that,and he accidentally dip the gum in that solution:)))
What is todays lesson?not only stupid people can die from a stupid death,smart people can too:)))))

marți, 8 decembrie 2009

What do women want?

I can't belive I'm actually writing about this,but it occured to me that this is very important if we wanna be lucky
So,what do they want?I've heard many things,money,control over our dignity,a big cock,and many more.But I think we don't really wan't to know that,couse we might not have it,so we rather let them figure out what they want and never tell us
However I'll still brag about this anyway.I asked a woman one night what they want,and she told me that they want waranty and interest,that blew my mind out,couse at the begining I had no idea what she meant,later I thought she may have wanted me to understand that she want to be sure that what she has is hers and hers only and what she has is what she wants,wich is very annoying because it makes no sense.I must specify that we were both very drunk
Maybe some of then just want to control us which is very easy as long as we don't realize it,maybe it's a matter of aproach,how we seem to be when we first talk to them.We have so many potential answers,why don't we pick one up and go along?That is the real misery
Anyway considering that this is my blog I will leave my opinion,which is that women need a reason to get closer.

joi, 5 noiembrie 2009

Is it irrational?

You're probably wondering what is that irrational that I doubt it....well actually I don't doubt it at all,I am sure that is irrational,but how irrational?can ration be classified?how irrational is love?
First of all if you think love is rational,you'd better close this window,couse I'll fuck your farytales
Nevertheless I've been in love and I can't say that it was a horrible experience,it was great,you'd get all you wish as long as you give everything,but aparently you can only see the taking part,the giving part you will see it when is over.
I'm not writing this couse I'm heartbroken,I'm writing couse it's blowing my mind for a few days,is love rational?in my opinion is that is not
We make the wrong rational decissions,we are jealous,wich can be more simply named paranoid,and the only thing that I think about is brain damage,only brain damage can do that to a human being.Are we brain damaged when we love?I think we are,and I think that in other word you know that too,but not brain damage,we think is something from some god...if it is,he was a vey malicious guy,how can you give to a man eveythng we wanted and meanwhile,on his back you take away his ration,honor and his mind
Whould you love again if you knew it can cause brain damage?I think I whould caouse is the only thing in life that can make a human really happy
I think that I have proven that love is irrational,and one other thing;that the base of our evolution is classified by human consciousness as an IRRATIONAL ACT!


It's a fantasy quality to atribute to another man,we are everything we wish to be,but trustful beings
Why not?it's not like we don't want to,it's in our nature to be parse and untrustfull,when you trust somebody,it's like playing russian roulette...sooner or later you'll blow your brains out

duminică, 18 octombrie 2009

We like to think

We are a very berry special bunch of dressed up monkeys,and from here I can't stop thinking about the special part
We talk the same,dress the same,almost think the same...but we are special,because if we whould be special,we whould wake up in the morning and say "Thats why so I'm special!" while you look on the window
We like to think we are special,because this way we protect ourselves from monotomy and simple,this generation is all about non-simple action,life,love and stuff.....

sâmbătă, 17 octombrie 2009

I choose!

What is wrong these days with the habbits of the so called modern woman,they think about it but they don't say it out loud,she says "I love you" thinking where will you take her tonight,what restaurat,what will she show off and treat you like a vessel and in the same time to make you like that,is it a problem with us?do we like being treated like a vessel but to belive we are in charge?are we that masochist?or should I say socipaths?
I choose to belive that this is an evolution of both genres,wich I can't understand,so the next time she says "I love you" be a good boy and belive her,or not

marți, 6 octombrie 2009

Fashion Tattoo...The real deal

Stiu ca a trecut ceva vreme buna de cand nu am mai scris,si sincer nu am o explicatie destul de buna pentru asta...asta numai daca lenea a devenit un motiv bun pentru asta,dar mi-am facut tatuaje(mai multe frate da!!)si consider un prilej bun pentru a scrie si a lauda si a clarifica care este cel mai bun salon de tatuaje din Bucuresti
De mult timp tin sa imi fac un tatuaj,dar poate din frica sau incertitudine mi-a luat 3 luni sa ma hotarasc si sa imi iau inima in dinti sa ma duc
Initial voiam sa ma duc la un amic din cartier care cu siguranta ar fii facut o treaba la fel de buna,dar tipul nu prea are toata tigla pe casa si datorita faptului ca si-a rupt mana de prea multe ori si nu a bagato in ghips macar odata,a inceput sa ii tremure mana,iar capodoperele pe care le-a facut acum 3-4 ani,vor ramane apogeul sau din pacate.
Apoi am inceput sa caut si sa caut pe net toate saloanele din Bucuresti,cand am ajuns intr-un final la Six Weedles Tattoo,pe la Romana,acolo un tip destul de....stiu ca suna naspa...murdar,si frustrat ma intreaba ce as vrea sa imi fac,ii explic ce vreau sa imi fac si imi cere 700 de ron....mi sa parut enorm si am plecat spunandu-i clasicul "Te sun eu!",
Dupa ce am patit acelasi lucru de vreo 2-3 ori,imi zice un prieten de Fashion Tattoo,am auzit de salon dar stiam ca e foarte scump si nu ma apropii eu de ei,dar totusi am fost pana acolo
Ajung la 1 mai la salon,acolo un tip foarte incantat sa ne vada(fara sa fie gay) ma intreaba ce vreau,ii explic eu ca vreau o pentagrama wicca si ma lasa la pc sa ii caut pentagrama in sine,o gasesc,si el imi explica ca o face ba chiar o mai ascute pe ici pe colo si ii baga niste umbre si de-grade-uri,si atunci eu arunc bomba"Frate mai mult de 200 de ron nu imi permit!",atunci cu o fata destul de linistita imi zice ca atat imi cerea si el,apoi ii zic ca as mai vrea un triskele pe antebrat mai mic,si el atunci imi face oferta si imi ia 250 pentru ambele tatuaje.Eu consider ca este foarte ok
Stefan,baiatul care mi-a facut oferta si care intelesese ce si cum sa faca,ma programat peste 2 zile pentru ca era sambata
Ajung luni acolo si aflu ca Stefan are o problema cu maseaua si nu poate ajunge,si ca ma tatueaza fratele sau Horia,mie imi era teama ca poate el nu o sa inteleaga ce tatuaj vreau,cum il vreau,dar tipul sa dovedit a fi foarte maleabil si a inteles imediat ce trebuie sa a facut o treaba bestiala
In concluzie,Fashion Tattoo este cel mai bun salon de tatuaj din Bucuresti,iar cu criza asta poti sa ajungi la un pret foarte ok
Asta este pentagrama wicca,la triskele nu am poza atat de clara

duminică, 23 august 2009

DaColtu' punct ro

Luand in considerare numele acestui domeniu,cea mai potrivita tematica ar fii tortura,motivele pentru care a fost aplicata si masinariile care s-au folosit pentru acest scop si as mai putea pune feluri bizare si ciudate cum au murit diferite persoane,atat cunoscute,cat si anonime