joi, 5 noiembrie 2009

Is it irrational?

You're probably wondering what is that irrational that I doubt it....well actually I don't doubt it at all,I am sure that is irrational,but how irrational?can ration be classified?how irrational is love?
First of all if you think love is rational,you'd better close this window,couse I'll fuck your farytales
Nevertheless I've been in love and I can't say that it was a horrible experience,it was great,you'd get all you wish as long as you give everything,but aparently you can only see the taking part,the giving part you will see it when is over.
I'm not writing this couse I'm heartbroken,I'm writing couse it's blowing my mind for a few days,is love rational?in my opinion is that is not
We make the wrong rational decissions,we are jealous,wich can be more simply named paranoid,and the only thing that I think about is brain damage,only brain damage can do that to a human being.Are we brain damaged when we love?I think we are,and I think that in other word you know that too,but not brain damage,we think is something from some god...if it is,he was a vey malicious guy,how can you give to a man eveythng we wanted and meanwhile,on his back you take away his ration,honor and his mind
Whould you love again if you knew it can cause brain damage?I think I whould caouse is the only thing in life that can make a human really happy
I think that I have proven that love is irrational,and one other thing;that the base of our evolution is classified by human consciousness as an IRRATIONAL ACT!


It's a fantasy quality to atribute to another man,we are everything we wish to be,but trustful beings
Why not?it's not like we don't want to,it's in our nature to be parse and untrustfull,when you trust somebody,it's like playing russian roulette...sooner or later you'll blow your brains out