joi, 10 decembrie 2009

Chew alert!!:))

While reading my daily feeds,very bored couse most of them were political crap,I found a very interesting and sadistic funny one,hear this out!
A 25 years old ucrainean moron,student at an Chemistry College blew up is head while chewing a gum.The parents heard a big boom in his room and when they went to see what happened,they saw his pride of a son(I repeat he has a chemistry student...)with his face desintegrated,and guess what....he died(who whould have expected that..:)))
Now you ask,how can a chewing gum do that? dosen't,the moron use to dip his gum in citric acid...weird....and he had next to the acid an explosive detonation solution,or something like that,and he accidentally dip the gum in that solution:)))
What is todays lesson?not only stupid people can die from a stupid death,smart people can too:)))))

marți, 8 decembrie 2009

What do women want?

I can't belive I'm actually writing about this,but it occured to me that this is very important if we wanna be lucky
So,what do they want?I've heard many things,money,control over our dignity,a big cock,and many more.But I think we don't really wan't to know that,couse we might not have it,so we rather let them figure out what they want and never tell us
However I'll still brag about this anyway.I asked a woman one night what they want,and she told me that they want waranty and interest,that blew my mind out,couse at the begining I had no idea what she meant,later I thought she may have wanted me to understand that she want to be sure that what she has is hers and hers only and what she has is what she wants,wich is very annoying because it makes no sense.I must specify that we were both very drunk
Maybe some of then just want to control us which is very easy as long as we don't realize it,maybe it's a matter of aproach,how we seem to be when we first talk to them.We have so many potential answers,why don't we pick one up and go along?That is the real misery
Anyway considering that this is my blog I will leave my opinion,which is that women need a reason to get closer.